Baby Growing Process!

My journey on finding out about this bun in my oven! 27/Married for 5.5 years/College Graduate/Retail Management/Photographer/Mother/Blogger

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Mom’s out there get this lol


Gaby and mommy day :)

I have not been here at all :(


Gaby is awesome and the best ever! She is talking a lot in Spanish at at times repeating big Spanish words and it’s awesome for her to know both languages.

She is getting in the last few weeks a little demanding. Kind of testing her boundaries again.

Husband hasn’t been home (theatre) so that has been hard on both gaby and I. She asks for him a lot. I miss him too.

Interviewed for a semi promotion lol hard to explain :) supposed to hear back soon

I started a new blog about anxiety since I’m having a hard time dealing with mine lately

That’s it for now :)

Today was emotionally taxing at work for me. Thank god for mommy & Gaby time and gaby being so sweet.

She told me “luv u” repeatedly and it took me a few before it hit me what she was saying. It made me so happy cuz I didn’t even ask for it, she just randomly said luv u to me :)

Growing up I feared my dad, I wonder how that has affected me as an adult…

Just curious…

I cannot believe my daughter will be 22 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly I’m good with one kid.

But if joe ever changed his mind and wanted another baby, I would… But only when I’m 29-31yrs old… Gaby would be 4-6 yrs old. I would prefer her to be 6 but I also don’t want to put my life at risk at 31 (since I almost died having Gaby)
… So one I think is best… I don’t want to die…

Poor thing thinks she’s helping. Instead I’m freaking out about all the dust, dirt, etc she is touching :(

  • Me: gaby calm down and use your words, what do you want?
  • Gaby: eat eat

A video of my daughter as darth vader. Just having some parenting fun!