Baby Growing Process!

My journey on finding out about this bun in my oven!
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I cannot believe my daughter will be 22 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly I’m good with one kid.

But if joe ever changed his mind and wanted another baby, I would… But only when I’m 29-31yrs old… Gaby would be 4-6 yrs old. I would prefer her to be 6 but I also don’t want to put my life at risk at 31 (since I almost died having Gaby)
… So one I think is best… I don’t want to die…

Poor thing thinks she’s helping. Instead I’m freaking out about all the dust, dirt, etc she is touching :(

  • Me: gaby calm down and use your words, what do you want?
  • Gaby: eat eat

A video of my daughter as darth vader. Just having some parenting fun!

We talk about wanting to move out of state all the time. But whether it’s school or being a parent… Something always prevents us from do it. Within the next 6-8 months we would want to move to Florida now that I’m done with school… But what about childcare (I don’t pay for any now) what about the student loans that come into repayment
There’s always something, I wish I could talk to someone about the fears of moving far…


What if adults through tantrums like toddlers?

loved it!!! 

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I really wish that he wasn’t a party pooper. I know he is depressed and doesn’t enjoy anything and can’t help that, but don’t bring others down with you. Let me be excited about certain things in life. Specially when they involved my daughter, don’t make fun of me or look at me like I’m stupid because I find joy taking her out trick o treating even if she doesn’t remember.







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