Baby Growing Process!

My journey on finding out about this bun in my oven!
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Gaby got nothing. I was raised going to church for Easter but not getting all these gifts like its Xmas. So I find it odd that in our generation, kids are constantly getting gifts.

I respect it and I think it’s really adorable :) but it’s just not our thing :) we didn’t do it for vday either. Plus it gets expensive.

That being said I know for her bday and Xmas I’m known for spending a bit more on her than maybe other parents would, so maybe it all evens out lol

This girl is my world. She woke up in a great mood. Just brushed our teeth together and now going to have some fruit for breakfast :)
She loves her new stepping stool that’s actually a potty. When she’s ready we will potty train her but when she turns two I want to introduce her to the potty or maybe now. Just waiting to see the signs that she’s ready.

She loves these… I used to do the same when I was little…

I cannot believe my daughter will be 22 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor thing thinks she’s helping. Instead I’m freaking out about all the dust, dirt, etc she is touching :(

My princess is the prettiest of them all!

Gaby and I just had an awesome dance/singing party to the Martha speaks theme song lol

Reblogging again :)


Vyna Photography

View after taking Gaby to the Boston Children’s Museum. She had a blast and did not want to leave.
Admission is a $1 on Friday nights after 5p
She plays nice with the other kids :)