Baby Growing Process!

My journey on finding out about this bun in my oven! 27/Married for 5.5 years/College Graduate/Retail Management/Photographer/Mother/Blogger

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Mom’s out there get this lol


Gaby and mommy day :)

Duck sounds lol

Her latest album has arrived!

I had a great couple of days off with gaby and my stay cation is coming up in a few days.
She’s been on and off with a fever (teething?) but for the most part doing well. Yesterday we took a short trip to NH with her nana and cousin… And today we walked/strolled around Boston. She even got to go on the swan boat!


Well, I did it. I converted her crib into a toddler bed. It was a pain in the ass, especially since I had to do it with Rebecca in the room and she would Not. Stop. Touching. Everything. Anchoring her dresser to the wall was easier but thankfully, it’s all done now.

Growing up too fast!

Still use this :) sooooo good!

My princess turns two!

Busy week

Mentally draining… I need a vacation

Sorry for the lack of posts

Any free time I’m with my princess!!! She’s been such an angel lately!! So many words and phrases and even sentences :)

Today was emotionally taxing at work for me. Thank god for mommy & Gaby time and gaby being so sweet.

She told me “luv u” repeatedly and it took me a few before it hit me what she was saying. It made me so happy cuz I didn’t even ask for it, she just randomly said luv u to me :)

Gaby got nothing. I was raised going to church for Easter but not getting all these gifts like its Xmas. So I find it odd that in our generation, kids are constantly getting gifts.

I respect it and I think it’s really adorable :) but it’s just not our thing :) we didn’t do it for vday either. Plus it gets expensive.

That being said I know for her bday and Xmas I’m known for spending a bit more on her than maybe other parents would, so maybe it all evens out lol

This girl is my world. She woke up in a great mood. Just brushed our teeth together and now going to have some fruit for breakfast :)
She loves her new stepping stool that’s actually a potty. When she’s ready we will potty train her but when she turns two I want to introduce her to the potty or maybe now. Just waiting to see the signs that she’s ready.