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Had a great night with the hubby!

Got lots of homework to do! Lots on my mind! I have a busy week ahead of me. Cant wait to wrap up this last semester and graduate!

I’m stressed soooo bad. I have two weddings to edit, I have stayed up two nights to do that AND homework! Still not even close to finishing it all!

That’s not it…. Gaby is teething won’t go deep in sleep and the poor thing is uncomfortable even with Motrin :(

I had to call out of work to recover from it and it’s not over. Thank god I’m off tomorrow and I had sick time to cover today. I haven’t called out since march but I still feel bad. I’m just exhausted! Help!

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it’s been a rough month…

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I think sometimes I push the limits on what I’m comfortable with as his wife, just to make him happy since he is depressed.



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Fun day!!!

I keep having to remind myself to accept my reality. I can’t expect love, attention and affection. This is my choice and I can’t keep bitching about it. I chose to stay here, I can’t ask for more :(

So depressing… Nothing has happened the last few days which is awesome cuz we r not fighting. But we r also not moving forward…

Tomorrow is my last day before a 3 day weekend! And I’m 2-3 weeks away from my other vacation and my trip to Vegas.

I really wanted to go see my cousins in FL but I have gone down there a few times, and joe and I wanted to go somewhere new. I hope they come up soon :/


Life lesson!!

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.