Baby Growing Process!

My journey on finding out about this bun in my oven!
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Something to think about…


little lady Harper!


little lady Harper!


Vyna Photography 2013

My baby!

Last year and today :)

Don’t you dare take those away from her or she will cut u! Lol ;)
Aren’t they cute?!!

So today Gabriela was all over her dada who brought her beads to play with when he got home from work. We went out for a walk since the weather was fantastic.
Once we got back home she was playing on the floor happily. I decided to jump on my husbands lap and sit while we talked. Apparently she got jealous, demanded to b picked up, and started playing with her dada lol cutest thing ever! She wanted me to move over lol She also points at him now and says dada!

Hanging out on stage with Papi today before he had to get into costume (he is an actor in a small local production happening this week)


Happy & Smiling Teacher & Preschoolers
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Worlds Best Father (Dünyanın en iyi babası) Dave Engledow 

I need to up my game.

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I teared up reading this. 

This is LOVE… a TRUE father’s love.

I need more moms/moms-to-be that I can follow. I have 300 followers but I don’t follow too many people as of right now.

Tummy time with daddy

Happy Fathers Day!!!