Baby Growing Process!

My journey on finding out about this bun in my oven! 27/Married for 5.5 years/College Graduate/Retail Management/Photographer/Mother/Blogger

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Yesterday she was singing. “Do u want to build a snowman” from Frozen

My lil family

Taking of 3 kids today (2 under 2) was not as bad as I thought but still not easy!

Definitely makes me feel even more sure about just having Gabriela

Last Fall (2012)
Time flies!

My two favorite people!

Pray that next week we can get pre-approved for a mortgage with all the STUDENT loans we have.

Getting an education is a bitch!

My kid is the cutest!

I want to go to Disney in Orlando

I also want to go to DR so Gabriela can meet her other grandfather :) I know it would mean a lot to my husband.

Went to Dunkin :)


You look just like your father: split face portraits of family members

Ulric Collette is a photographer from Quebec. He studied art and graphic design at school and currently works as an art director for Collette, an advertising studio in Quebec City.

In this series, called Genetic Portraits, Ulric splices together portraits of family members to explore genetic similarities.

From parents and their children, to twins, siblings and cousins, the series is fascinating, and just a little bit spooky.

The project was shortlisted for a Cannes Lion.

Visit to see the entire collection.


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