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Honestly I’m good with one kid.

But if joe ever changed his mind and wanted another baby, I would… But only when I’m 29-31yrs old… Gaby would be 4-6 yrs old. I would prefer her to be 6 but I also don’t want to put my life at risk at 31 (since I almost died having Gaby)
… So one I think is best… I don’t want to die…

I’m so getting surgery


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So be safer and don’t risk it, I almost died….
But I understand every case is different…

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Happy birthday to us!!!!!


More US babies die on their first day than in 68 other countries, report shows

(Photo: Save the Children)

The U.S. is a worse place for newborns than 68 other countries, including Egypt, Turkey and Peru, according to a report released Tuesday by Save the Children.

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At 7:30 am on July, 10th 2012, I woke up soaking wet. After announcing to Jeffrey that I had peed myself, I sleepily staggered to the bathroom. As I walked, large gushes of fluid streamed down my leg and my mind began to race back to our childbirth classes and discussions about premature…

Reading this I just wanted to cry :/

I didn’t really have a plan, and thank god I didn’t because everything went wrong and I almost died


I cant believe I forgot to tell u guys… I changed my first diaper yesterday. My hubby found a surface that I could do it from without hurting myself or the baby and he helped me change her. Changing her outfit was a bit difficult because I kept feeling like I was gonna hurt her so we were all laughing at me :) I guess I need practice lol

Reblogging from my own blog… its crazy that it was that long after she was born that I was able to change her first diaper. The complications really got in the way a lot :( I feel I missed out on a lot of first parent things.

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Induced Saturday evening- 38 weeks due to my mild preeclampsia.

Contractions begin Sunday morning 3:30a

Medicine did not work in am, no dilation of my cervix

Another round of medicine, more contractions. Tons of precautions cuz of my anemia and preeclampsia.

Contractions kept going and finally…

Reblogging the short version of my birth story

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Post preggo-not better

reblogging… cant believe how big my feet were before and after birth… and look at little gaby :)

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Yeap!! :(

This is what birth did to me :(

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Gabriela was born on my Bday 7lbs 10oz! Details later! I did not have ur average vaginal birth

reblogging the first pic of Gabriela that I posted here… and her first pic ever….. so precious!!! xoxo

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#1 Cool washcloth. Labor, like any other athletic event, makes you sweat. A laboring mom usually gets very hot during active labor, so a cool cloth (rewetted and reapplied often) can be refreshing.

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I genuinely want to try to go natural this time as long as I don’t have to have Pitocin again (I had Group B Strep and hadn’t realized my water broke so Becca was exposed). I have been researching methods for pain relief/coping for this next baby.

I loved having the cool wash cloth

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Her first baby book is here!

I was 95lbs pre pregnancy now 4.5 months later I’m 106lbs

I don’t want to loose anymore. But when I feel physically ready I want to work out to get the abs flatten again.

Thing is… I have never worked out